Nim Tao Wing Chun

Biu Jee

By Chu Shong Tin

Biu Jee is the form which concentrates an enormous destructive power in attacking. It is to use the natural skill to release the potential power of a person to the highest level and is also the combination of the mind and the theory of force.


It is wrong to say that learning the form of Biu Jee will then possess the enormous power of Biu Jee as well as having the very high skill in concentrating the force. Without the basic skill of Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu, the Biu Jee’s power cannot be affected. Sometimes, one may even hurt oneself when applying Biu Jee in fighting if one does not possess the basic skill of Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu.

To analyze the original idea of Biu Jee from the moves of the form:

  1. When practicing Biu Jee, one must move in speedy motion. When one is familiar with the moves of Biu Jee, he should practice it speedily because everybody knows that the destructive power is greater when moving faster.

  2. Using rotation as a source of releasing energy. Whether it is as hard as steel or as soft as water, once rotated, the steel or water can generate enormous power. It is obvious that one will be unwilling to approach a rotating steel. Also, when the air is rotated, it creates a powerful hurricane. The whirlpool formed by the rotation of water is just as bad.


Hence, when practicing Biu Jee, one must infuse his mind into the moves. In the way, he can feel the speedy effect and the original idea of Biu Jee so as to obtain the greatest satisfaction.

The profound skill of Biu Jee can only expressed through demonstration, as such complexities can never be expressed in black and white. Hopefully, I wish that the participants of this course can grab hold of this profound skill so as to increase their understanding of Wing Chun. Consequently, they can practice Wing Chun with great interest.

By Chu Shong Tin